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Pros:  It directs known, active Spam floods into a tarpit.  This slows down the criminals.
    Cons: Zombie computers that send using an ISP's mail server will cause false positives.

Pros: Incredibly effective; currently blocking nearly all inbound Virus and Trojan traffic.
    Cons: The first E-mail we see from a given Mail Server to a given customer will be delayed hours.

Pros: Well-maintained and not overly-aggressive service used by many ISPs.
    Cons: Some inevitable inertia both adding and removing listings.

Pros: Deletes Non-Delivery Reports.
Cons: Domains with List servers need to get Non-Delivery Reports.

Clam Antivirus:
Pros: Very effective.
    Cons: Few if any.

Pros: Will identify UCE otherwise missed.
    Cons: CPU intensive and the database can be corrupted by Spammer tricks.

Pros: Stops most macro viruses and other Microsoft-specific malware.
    Cons: Fussy about attachments.

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